found farley’s!

Found Farley's!I got back into town yesterday so today I got to go and catch up with a few doctors. Heh!

What was cool, though, is that as Ms. Sarah Dippidous would have it, last night I got one of the best comments I’ve ever gotten (which happens to be on one of the most converstated blog post I have). In that comment, christin told me that I should check Party City for my long lost Farley’s candy corn.

So I was near a Party City, and, w00t w00t!

That is the best stuff. I need a Farley’s plant so I can grow and harvest it’s candy corn all year long. Or pray Party City sees Farley’s as something worthy of keeping in stock.

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  • christen

    oh im so happppy you found it!!!
    what i usually do is before the season’s over i buy a ton of bags. you may be able to freeze them but i haven’t tried it yet.

    have a good day!!!

  • rob

    thanks so much! i feel sick now from all i ate already. 🙁

    i’ll get another bag tomorrow. 🙂

  • Hehehe! I know what Rob means about feeling sick….

  • rob

    got two more bags today. it hurts so good.

  • Have you read about the history of candy corn?

    …by the way, I’m happy that you converted Patricia to Farley’s.

  • rob

    @Lori : Thanks for the history lesson! But they say a serving is 22 pieces. Bah! 22 ounces maybe! 😉