96, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Funny how numbers mean different things to different people for different reasons.

For me, 96 represents a few things:

  1. The year our Camry was made
  2. The year our truck was made
  3. The year Patricia and I were married

And sometimes it’s just a random number at a local restaurant.

I held this photo for today’s Foto Friday because yesterday we celebrated our 10-year anniversary of our marriage. October 26, 1996 still stands as a hallmark day in our lives.

And I suspect it always will.

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  • Jim

    Congratulations on 10 big years!!

  • Congrations on the Big One oh! I wonder if we should start a reality show called Williams One Oh?

  • Happy Anniversary!

    (ours was yesterday too)

  • Leah

    Congratulations! I graduated from highschool in 1996. It was a good year!

  • Happy 10th Anniversary, Patricia & Rob! Scott & I also celebrated our 10-year anniversary back in March of this year! 1996 was a great year!!!

  • PTL! congrats on the anniversary.