i trust juliet, not ben

Man, a lot happened last night on Lost. Love it! I’m not going to recap everything. TVSquad does a fair job but Lost… and Gone Forever does it better.

So who saw last night’s eppy? Quick thoughts:

  • RIP Eko. His eppys were the best. UPDATE: The actor who plays Eko wanted out.
  • Ben said that Juliet has a striking resemblance to Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah. So? He said it in the context of how he was trying to “break” Jack. I don’t get the significance of that.
  • Yes, Locke is the new and improved Jack. Fo’sure.
  • I’ve wondered about the rebellious faction of others. There’s a riff between Juliet and Ben since we were introduced to them. All season they are teasing us with “who’s in charge”. I think tonight confirmed my thought about her: She wants out. And now I believe there are many who want to join her…if they can overthrow Ben.
  • Will we learn about who is on who’s side? I now think the first eppy of the season called “A Tale of Two Cities” really is about the two groups of others, one led by Ben, one led by Juliet (though subversively for now).
  • Nikki and Paulo, the two new characters, annoy me.
  • I don’t think there are two “Smokeys”. I think it appears to people differently…or it is received or perceived differently by others. Locke saw light, Eko saw smoke. I’m not sure of the significance of that yet since I’m still trying to figure out why Smokey was out to get Eko.
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