JCPenney Christmas Commercial Mashup

Man I love this new commercial from JCPenney. The song is a mashup, apparently of Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters “Here Comes Santa Claus” with Fatboy Slim’s “Wonderful Night”. I really want to find this mp3 or higher quality recording of it. Know where I can find it?

Here’s the commercial:

YouTube – JCPenney 2006 TV commercial “Santa Claus”

UPDATE: found the MP3.

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  • ben

    when you find it – email me a copy. I thought I was the only one.

    did you contact jcpenney’s pr

  • Steph

    Me Too! I love it!

  • Bob Via

    Me Three. Send me the info!

  • katie

    Mee too mee too!!!!!
    I love this mashup. I would love to have a copy when you find it.

  • rob
  • Ms.Mocha

    That X-mas song is soooo funky. Love IT. I thought is was Bing Crosby and the Ray Charles Singers….

  • Miz Lola

    Thank you all SO much for the link! Everytime the commercial comes on me and my 6-six year old daughter jump up and start dancing! I think the mix is so COOL! She will be so excited when I play this at our Family Christmas party today! Happy Holidays!

  • Jamie

    It is called “Wonderful Night” by FAT BOY SLIM.

  • Tara

    I had my husband to replay TV back so I could sing and dance to this!!!
    I LOVES this song!!!

  • rob

    Hey, if you like mashups (and Christmas mashups), check this post to get started.

  • Shannon

    yeahhh ilove it it is so awesome!!

  • marie

    Super song!

  • Maria

    love this commercial, music and video.

  • ginger

    Just told my daughter tonight that this song/commercial makes me so happy!!! I immediately get happy when I hear it…. Someone find it and let us know….. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Belinda

    Thank-you so much for this information…I LOVE this commerical. This just sticks with you and can’t help singing alone.

  • Belinda

    oopse – I meant to say ALONG…..


  • Mirek2

    I love it. It was mashed by i dig music. I don’t think a full version of the song exists, but you can download the commercial on their site –

  • Aviles98

    I just to have the full commercial song…I song as I found it I will posted here…..I live in Mexico and like someone said…..that commercial put a smile on my face every time it run on tv. I didn't find the commercial on youtube 🙁

  • Kris98

    Hey!! Glad to see someone else that still loves this song and hasn't forgotten it!!