• x2! So many people are afraid to offend that that they thing think this would be the least offensive. I get where they’re coming from, so Happy Holidays back at ’em, I say! 🙂

  • I’m not offended either, mostly because I wonder how much saying “Merry Christmas” really helps people understand the “true meaning of Christmas” as opposed to “Happy Holidays.”

  • It’s not that Xmas bothers me, it’s that we’ve forgotten what that X is and why it exists. I don’t think Mr. X would condone people trampling each other to get a good deal on a PS3 or an XBox 360.

  • I’m not offended either. I wouldn’t say Merry Christmas to the Jewish part of my family. They might be offended if I did.

  • I think it’s mostly in the media. I say Merry Christmas, but I’m not offended by anything. It’s a nice time of year when people tend to be more pleasant in general. It’s nice to have someone just generally wish you a happy or merry whatever once in a while.

  • I get offended, but mostly because I just think it’s dumb that we have to switch not to offend people.

    Now that I wrote it, I sound dumb!

  • p.s. I haven’t visited your site outside of bloglines in a while, i suppose. I like the look!

  • I don’t like the “X Mas” thing. I know what it stands for — but I don’t think a lot of others who use it know.

  • I am not offended by it. However, I am offended by the people that use it simply because they don’t want to say Merry Christmas.
    And I will say that I specifically and intentionally changed it on my Christmas card (which on the template said Happy Holidays) because I wanted it to say Merry Christmas. Why? Because to me, there is nothing more important in “Holidays” than Christmas. That is what is important to me and therefore what I want to greet others with as well.

  • Pam

    I was just thinking about this same topic this morning. I don’t see anything wrong with “Happy Holidays.” I would think it’s weird if someone said “Happy Hanukkah” or “Happy Kwanza” to me so I’m sure a Jewish person thinks it’s odd when we say “Merry Christmas” to them.