Toothpaste, Shampoo, and Gel

This is what it looks like when planes cryI’ve learned that it’s okay to take these items from Orlando to Seattle, but you better think twice if you think you’re going to bring them back! Those three items were apparently on the one-way ticket addendum I missed.

Now, yes, I know all about the gel/liquid ban and the plastic bag limitations, etc etc. I just forgot. I decided to go carry-on instead of checking bags and nothing was confiscated in Orlando.

But in Seattle the toothpaste, shampoo, and hair gel were all in containers too big to fit in a bag. So after scanning my bag, they opened it and took those out.

“I flew here with them”, “I guess they missed it” went the conversation.

Oh well. I’m not going to get into a tussle over items like that. But it did make me wonder, why is the amount of shampoo a hazard? It’s not that I couldn’t have it, just not medium-sized amount.

I don’t get it.

They still missed the body spray in my computer bag and contact re-wetting drops in my pocket.


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  • ha! my brother FedEx’s all the stuff like that to himself to his next business trip destination. I guess he can’t live without his products!

  • Here’s what I don’t get: What stops five guys from getting together and combining their 3oz bottles to create one 15oz bottle??

  • rob

    See, that’s the thing. You can pack the “large” bottles and check them. I just didn’t make a small version for carry-on. I just don’t get why it’s the amount that is so dangerous.

    Seriously, was a study done to show that 4 oz of toothpaste is significantly potentially more dangerous than 3 oz?

    And Kevin is right. I could have split my hair gel into little containers and asked each co-worker to carry it on, then put it all back together on the plane.

    I just don’t get it.

  • What, this isn’t obvious? I thought everyone knew that if you take more than 5 oz of shampoo up to 30,000 feet in a pressurized cabin it spontaneously explodes. Now, if you add a small amount of polonium, the heat generated by that reaction not only creates enough force to break apart the plane in mid flight, but it also instantly vaporizes all of the plane and all of the passengers.

    This is dangerous stuff, Rob.