Update your PC for the Holidays

Many of us have time during the holidays that we like to play with our computers. Or we’re looking for excuses to get away from family. Either way, I’m going to leave some ideas and tips for playing around with your computer during the holidays by getting rid of junk, getting new free cool things, and just general straightening up. Ready?

Get New Free Cool Things

Get Rid of Junk

  • Run CCleaner
  • Run Spybot
  • Run Ad-Aware
  • Check for unneeded programs under Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (be careful not to delete things you aren’t sure about)


  • Run Windows Update – get all the latest patches and updates from Microsoft
  • RocketDock – creates a ‘mac dock’ on your PC to launch your favorite programs
  • Re-organize your MyDocuments folder
  • Re-organize your MyMusic folder
  • Run Windows Disk Defragmenter (under “All Programs > Accessories > System Tools
  • Backup your harddrive
  • Turn on your Microsoft Firewall (under Control Panel > Firewall)

Optimize Yourself Online

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  • This is a pretty good list and pretty good advice.

    If I may offer a bit of contradictory, but hopefully helpful, advice of my own.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader – Avoid it if you can! Admittedly I still use it most of the time — even though I hate it — but it might be worth trying the more nimble FoxIt reader.

    Sunbird — I haven’t used it lately, but before it needed a LOT of work.

    Otherwise, thanks for linking to the google reader. It’s time for me to finally try a reader of some type.

  • rob

    Confession: I’ve never used Sunbird or Thuderbird. I’ve always had the full Outlook through work, but it seems they are great programs. I tried the Foxit Reader once and it backfired. maybe I’ll give it another shot.

  • Am I a bad person if I love people who use Firefox more than people that use IE?

  • rob

    Ha! Jayson, you’re not a bad person for not using FF and using IE instead! But I will say that IE6 has been known to be slower and more susceptible to viruses. FF2 is much safer than IE6. IE7 is more secure than IE6 though so I do encourage you to at least upgrade IE.

    But I still like FF better.