Nairobi Java HouseBefore we left for Kenya we read up on all the immunizations and such that we should have before we go. We prepared our bodies before we left with medicines and vitamins and rest. We knew we’d be very busy the entire time we were there…and we were!

My body started to give out near the end of the trip. With the cool and wet weather we had most of the time combined with the business, I was really looking forward to our visit to the Java House in Nairobi.

We stopped for lunch and a great cup of coffee. This place prides itself on being an “American” place. They cook with bottled water, serve burgers, etc. I got the tilapia.

Have you ever had food poisoning? It shows up hours later. For me it was 3 AM. Fever. Chills. Sweats. And of course the bathroom visits.

We called for the hotel doctor around 6 because we were supposed to catch a flight a few hours later. We were concerned it could be malaria or something (which we learned that malaria really isn’t a big deal in Africa: it’s a bacteria so you take a pill and it goes away compared to the flu virus here that you just have to wait out).

I was very relieved to learn it was just food poisoning and not malaria or something exotic. He told me not to fly that day and with my fever, I agreed. But a colleague sent out an email for prayer and came to my room with another colleague to pray for me. My fever broke about the same time and I was much better.

It’s ironic that the day before I ate some camel, ostrich, and crocodile and they didn’t bother me at all. It was the tilapia (which, btw, is caught wild in Kenya as opposed to farm-raised in the States).

That’s just one story of many I have to tell. I’ve also got a lot of pics I’m going to start uploading to flickr. I can’t decide how I want to do it. I’ve got about 600 of ’em. I think I may trickle a few here and there. Whatcha think?

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  • what exactly are you planning on trickling, robbie? i hope you’re feeling better first.

  • rob

    i was over the poisoning that morning…especially after the fever broke. i felt horrible and run down, but much better. i’m still dealing with a sinus thing but it’s no big deal really…just drainage, sore throat, etc.

  • I want to see all the really cool ones first!
    Of course, they probably are all really cool, but maybe you could pick out your favorite 100! 🙂

  • I haven’t taken 600 pictures in my whole life.

  • rachel

    you got sick from java house? haha that is suprising. we ate there all the time…mainily for their coffee and deserts. i always got the curry of the day. it’s fantastic. i miss that place!!!

  • rob

    @rachel: yup. Swahili curry tilapia. Patricia had the same thing and she was fine. I liked the taste of it though. Oh well!