The Road to Nakuru

wheel pusher

I’ve added a few more photos tonight to the Nairobi Dec 06 photoset on Flickr. The latest are photos we took along the road from Nairobi to Nakuru.

Along the road we ascended to 8000 feet as we went through the Rift Valley.

blue robinIt was along this road that we began to see animals like zebras, stalking and begging baboons, and beautiful “blue robins”.

An interesting thing about this road is that it’s pretty smooth for most of the journey. But the last hour of the trip has potholes that could swallow a hippo. I really thought a croc could be hiding in some of those puddles. It was the roughest road I’ve ever been on. Patricia and I were trying to keep the bags on the backseat from jumping out of the van. Patricia even used her travel neck pillow (like for a flight) to help steady her head!

Though we began seeing animals that morning, we arrived in Nakuru just before lunch where we went to a game preserve. I have lots of more animal photos from that adventure I’ll post later.

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