Dutch Breakfast

I like the Dutch. I like they aren’t afraid to have a good breakfast. Yesterday at the hotel they had the cereals and juice and coffee and eggs (boiled), but they also had about 8 kinds of bread, 4 meats and 4 cheeses.

They also had all sorts of spreads for your bread that wasn’t limited to butter and jelly. I picked up one that had pictures of hazelnuts all over the top. I figured it was like a hazelnut butter (like peanut butter). I also picked up a pure chocolate spread. And one more of just honey (just in case).

The hazelnut spread was a hazelnut-flavored chocolate spread! It was great! I used up all three spreads I got on one croissant. But I needed more. But I needed to be more healthy.

So I got the hazelnut spread and put it on raisin bread.

Now that’s good eats!

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  • valerie

    When you get back home, look for Nutella in the peanut butter section. It is chocolate/hazelnut spread! Now you can eat your “healthy” breakfast everyday! Mmmm!

  • That sounds yummy!
    How was the chocolate spread? That seems a little too over the top for me…but I do love chocolate.

  • rob

    I’ve never had Nutella but I hear it’s good. I’ll have to look for it. The chocolate spread was almost like icing, just not as sweet.

    Today I had chocolate shavings instead of a spread on my bread. Man this breakfast rocks!