Why I Like Dungy

A lot of talk about the Super Bowl this weekend. I’m pulling for Coach Dungy.

I like the Colts as much as the Bears (don’t really care either way), but I really like Colt’s head coach Tony Dungy.

For example:

Dungy, you see, is as close to a saint as we have in sports today. This is the man who, on the morning after he was fired from the Bucs, drove his kids to school. This is the man who lost his temper only once when he coached in Tampa. It came during his first year when the Bucs started 1-8, but it had nothing to do with losing. No, what set off Dungy was when two players blew off a public appearance at an elementary school.

“The players were supposed to talk to the kids and sign autographs,” Dungy recalled Tuesday. “It’s one of the few times I can ever remember going ballistic.”

Most coaches lose it when a player misses an assignment; Dungy loses it when a player misses reading The Little Engine That Could to elementary school youngsters.

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  • Bill

    Yea — I like Dungy also. What I really like is that both coaches are not afraid to talk about their faith.

  • Mark

    Both men not only talk about their faith, but they back it up on the field by keeping their cool and abstaining from foul language or fits of rage. Several head coaches lead great lives and share their faith and then get on the playing field/court and proceed to treat refs and their players like dirt.