unconfirmed rumor

I got a breaking news email today that the first sentence had me laughing:

What used to be an unconfirmed rumor is now a confirmed one.

So it’s officially gone from a rumor that we don’t know is true to a rumor that we know is actually a rumor.

Makes me wonder what the stages of news are. Does it go:

unconfirmed rumor – confirmed rumor – anonymous source – breaking news – confirmed statement – history


Good news: I’m not on the bottom of the ocean anymore.
Bad news: I can’t breathe because I’m still underwater.

From one perspective, depth is an issue.
From another, the mere fact of being underwater is what’s important.

Zap! Pow! Zwang!

Warm Orlando?All weekend it’s been cold in Central Florida (at least by Central Florida standards). Here in Orlando we’ve flirted with the freezing mark a few nights in a row and in the day it’s getting to the low-mid 50’s with decent wind.

I love it.

Of course today we’ll get back to 65, tomorrow 74, and this weekend we’ll see the 80s again. So I love it while I have it.

But what I forget that I hate about the dry cold is the static electricity. I hate the surprise on my finger tip as I close the door to my truck (I try to use my elbow now). I hate the cling of my trousers to my legs as I walk (yes, I said trousers). I hate getting my nose popped when I pull off a sweatshirt.

But I still like the cooler temps.

PSA: ICE your Mobile

About a year ago my sister-in-law gave me the following tip:

Make a contact in your mobile phone called “ICE”, short for “In Case of Emergency”. Then put the number of who you’d want them to call.

I did that. Thankfully no one has ever had to use it. But it’s a great idea. I read about this tip again on Lifehacker the other day.

But I realize that this tip only works if most people know about it. So I ask you to:

  1. Make a contact in your mobile phone called “ICE” with an emergency phone number
  2. Tell others about this concept so if there is an emergency, people will know to check and know what it means

Actually, mine says “ICE – Patricia” so when they call, they know who they’re supposed to talk to!

This has been an OJPSA (OrangeJack Public Service Announcement) ™

2007 Clemson Football Schedule

Sept. 3 – Florida State (8pm on ESPN)
Sept. 8 – Louisiana-Monroe
Sept. 15 – Furman
Sept. 22 – at NC State
Sept. 29 – at Georgia Tech
Oct. 6 – Virginia Tech
Oct. 13 – Open Date
Oct. 20 – Central Michigan
Oct. 27 – at Maryland
Nov. 3 – at Duke
Nov. 10 – Wake Forest
Nov. 17 – Boston College
Nov. 24 – at South Carolina
Dec. 1 – ACC Championship in Jacksonville

I think we can go at least 4-2, maybe 5-1 to the Open Date. From there I think we can go at least 4-2 again, maybe 5-1. I think our toughest road game will be at GT (maybe USC). Toughest home will be VT, BC, FSU, WF (in that order but I think we can win at least 3 of those). What do you think at this early point?