How Jason Alexander Got Fat

Do you remember the McDLT? It “keeps the hot side hot and the cold side cold”.

McDonald’s thought this was a brilliant idea for their hamburgers in the early 80s. I always thought it was dumb.

Then I ran across this classic commercial for the McDLT (below) and saw none other than George Castanza Jason Alexander (a thin one mind you) dancing and singing his heart out for the McDLT.

I think I now know how he packed on a few extra pounds by the time Seinfeld came around.

YouTube – 80s Commercials – McDLT [Jason Alexander]

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  • Man, that commercial makes me feel exhausted just watching it. I mean, all that jumping around and dancing over a hamburger! I don’t remember fast-food commercials in the 80’s going to such great lengths as to produce a Broadway-style rendition of their latest product. I must’ve missed this one when it originally aired! LOL!