Nathan the Desperate Banker

Last night I met a guy named Nathan. We had several conversations. Three to be exact. We talked about money, how I’m doing, my house, and how much interest we pay on our house.

Not the typical conversation I have with someone over the course of three phone calls.

And I use the word “conversation” loosely.

Have you ever been exchanging words with someone when the other person seems to be the only one talking and barely listening? They usually happen when a telemarketer calls.

Nathan is a telemarketer. But there’s something different about Nathan. He is desperate. He first called me telling me what my interest rate was (he was wrong) then started asking me all sorts of questions I assume are related to that. I finally stopped him to tell him I wasn’t interested.

I got the typical push-back I expected. “But we can save you lots of money”, etc. It’s all about me…and how dumb I am to pay high mortgage rates.

I told him I wasn’t interested many times and was polite. Finally I told him I needed to hang up.

20 minutes later the phone rings and it’s Nathan! I said, “Didn’t you just call me?” He told me that indeed he had but that he called my wife and she said we had a second mortgage and then was disconnected. So he needed to call me back.

“Nathan, either my wife is lying or you are. We don’t have a second mortgage. You, sir, are lying. You didn’t talk to my wife.”

He ignored it and went right back to the questioning. I told him I wasn’t interested and I kept my cool. He got so frustrated. I could hear him sighing and grunting on the other end flabbergasted that I wouldn’t want lower rates!

We parted ways again and I asked him to not call again.

45 minutes later, guess who called?!? “Nathan, I thought I asked you not to call again. I’m not interested.”

This time he was really desperate and frustrated with me. “It’s a free offer! Are you satisfied with higher rates?”

“No thank you, Nathan. I’m not interested. Please don’t call back.”

He gave a pitiful “okay” and hung up before I did.

I was impressed with my ability to stay calm and his ability to finally hear my words and not just his.

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  • Wow! You did a wonderful job at telling him “no” — several times — and staying calm about it!

  • That is insane!
    You should report that company. I don’t know where or how, but I heard that you can report them when you have asked them not to call you. And they’ll get a fine or something.
    By the way, I am impressed with your abiblity to stay calm. Not sure I would’ve been.

  • I had a similar experience, only it lasted 18 months. And his name was Rob!

    Rob called me every 3-4 months telling me my interest rate was too high. I would ask him what my interest rate was and he always told me if it was more than six months old I was paying too much.

    I finally pointed out to him that if I had refinanced with him the first time he ever called me (since it had been more than six months), I would have, according to his logic, been paying too much.

    The silence was deafening.

    I don’t miss Rob, but I wonder sometimes how he’s doing. He never calls anymore.

  • Linda

    If he calls again. Tell him to remove your name from his list. Legally they have to, and report him if he calls again.

    Don’t you have ‘do not call lists’ in Fl?

  • Linda–

    We do, and we are covered by the Federal, which is probably a better option since the state’s list costs money.

  • This is illegal. Take his number and report him and his company.