An unplanned trip

My Grandmother (my father’s mother) is sick and honestly could die any time. She’s in Rock Hill, SC. I talked with her Friday and she sounded horrible. I talked to my dad Sunday and he’s not optimistic. This came in a group email from my dad today:

I just wanted to send out a note to let you all know that my mother is not doing well. Since October she has been hospitalized four times, twice with heart attacks. The doctors say that her heart and the one remaining kidney are working against each other, and they are having a hard time balancing the two. She is currently in XXX Health Center, and does not seem to be improving.

All your prayers will be appreciated.

In addition, her living will says that she doesn’t need to be taken to the hospital anymore now that hospice has been called in.

So Patricia and I will be driving up to Rock Hill tonight so we can be there Thursday morning…hopefully in time to see her one last time. Thankfully we saw her at Thanksgiving and I figured that would be the last time I saw her alive. Soon we’ll know if that feeling was accurate or not.

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