Lost Returns Tonight

I’m so pumped! Lost returns for 18 straight, new, no-re-run episodes starting tonight. But before the new 18 start, a recap show airs tonight at 9 EST.

A recap of the series prior to the resumption of its third season. Included: a look at how life on the island has changed and shaped the characters, as well as a review of their backstories

The new eppy “Not In Portland” starts at 10:00 EST and is a backstory on Juliet. Sweet! Maybe we’ll see if I’ve been right about her all along or what. My short guess is she is both from and misses Portland, OR and longs to go back soon!

UPDATE: The recap show is called “Lost Survivor Guide” and can be seen in it’s entirety right now on Yahoo. Don’t know how long it’ll stay.

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  • I still have absolutely no interest in “Lost.” It lost me a long time ago.