Huffy at Tuffy

We got back yesterday from all the services for Grandmom. Adding the 1000+ miles to the car pushed up some regular maintenance for it.

We have a Tuffy Auto Center very close to our house and I so desperately want it to be the best. It’s literally within walking distance. I think we all want a local mechanic you can trust and rely on for service and price.

We are having some problems with the left brake light. The tire place I took the car to for unrelated service today checked it and said that it’s a wiring problem but they don’t do wiring. So I went back to Tuffy of which I’ve been a few times.

First I called and they said they’d check it right away for free. After waiting 15 minutes there they hadn’t moved my car. It was noon so I told them I was walking home. They would call in 30 minutes.

Two hours later and no phone call, I walked back. And would you know that the hood was up and all 4 tires were off the car! For a brake light?!?!

I talked to the manager and he said they didn’t call because they couldn’t find the problem with the brakes. I told him it was the LIGHT, not the brakes! Apparently the guy I explained it to miscommunicated to the staff in the bay and they couldn’t fix it.

So I asked him to please put the wheels back on my car so I could leave.

They figured out what they think is wrong within 2 minutes of me talking to the staff in the bay. He returned with a $400 quote to fix it.

Ugh. I really wanted my local mechanic to be reliable.

We’re going back to AAMCO Thursday.

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  • What did they say they would do for the $400 besides make a boat payment?

  • rob

    Oh, they want to replace the entire light chassis and do a brake fluid flush.

  • paul

    I hate when that happens! As unmechanical as I am, I have always dreaded taking a car to the garage. I always felt like I had a large flashing neon sign flashing over my head that said, “SUCKER.”

    Now, for the first time ever, I don’t worry about that, as I have 3 different garages I can take the car to and know they will do exactly what needs to be done and charge a very fair price. One of the many benefits of being involved in the local racing community – all 3 garages are owners/sponsors of top race teams, and are major customers at our photo store.

    I’ll be praying you get a good – and honest – mechanic.

  • I had the same problem at Jiffy Lube the other day. The place I normally go was booked up for the day (it was about 3:00 on a Friday afternoon) so I stopped by Jiffy Lube for an oil change. $250 and 2 hours later (I don’t see the “jiffy” in that)I finally drove away with an oil change — plus some other things I don’t know if I needed or not! I hope I never have to go back to Jiffy Lube again!