my nap

I don’t mind when others use my Flickr photos for their blogs. I have the photos set so they can do that. All I ask is not to make money off of it and give proper attribution.

I may have to start asking for translation also.

Wake me up when you translate it.

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  • This news explain how the nap is good for the heard. You can see the background of this in that link:

  • Mike

    Looks like it is Catalan. There is a free online translator. It is talking about how healthy naps are.

  • rob

    @Carme : Oh, I love it that naps are good for your heart! Glad I could help you spread the good news!

    @Mike : Sweet! Patricia worked through a rough translation that we figured out what it was about, but we couldn’t figure out what language it was.

  • I knew it wasn’t Spanish or Portuguese. I thought maybe Italian and then my next guess was Catalan, but we couldn’t find a translator for Catalan. So, thanks Mike.

  • I am happy that this so pleasant piece of news has served for knew us.
    Indeed, the Catalan is the language that is spoken in Catalonia, Barcelona… Moreover, we count on the domain .cat that does not mean cat but cat(alĂ ). If you want to translate also you can use these programs too:

    ?, our web page, means ‘which prices’ and we focus on giving the ‘responsible’ consumer information.

    Thank you for everything and pleased to have contacted your web page.