PSA: ICE your Mobile

About a year ago my sister-in-law gave me the following tip:

Make a contact in your mobile phone called “ICE”, short for “In Case of Emergency”. Then put the number of who you’d want them to call.

I did that. Thankfully no one has ever had to use it. But it’s a great idea. I read about this tip again on Lifehacker the other day.

But I realize that this tip only works if most people know about it. So I ask you to:

  1. Make a contact in your mobile phone called “ICE” with an emergency phone number
  2. Tell others about this concept so if there is an emergency, people will know to check and know what it means

Actually, mine says “ICE – Patricia” so when they call, they know who they’re supposed to talk to!

This has been an OJPSA (OrangeJack Public Service Announcement) ™

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  • What a great idea!
    ICE – Sally is now on my cell phone — and when she gets home from NC on Monday I hope she’ll put ICE – Bill on hers.

    Now I’ve got to go let the Rev Bill readers know about this!

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  • You can also add an ICE 2, etc

    Make sure you cell phone is charged. The day of my accident mine was dead. (My purse was about 200 yards away from the truck, so it wasn’t much help anyway!) My son had his, when he called 911, the dispatcher told him he was the 4th call on this accident. And he said “But I am in the truck!” They did talk to him then 😀