Zap! Pow! Zwang!

Warm Orlando?All weekend it’s been cold in Central Florida (at least by Central Florida standards). Here in Orlando we’ve flirted with the freezing mark a few nights in a row and in the day it’s getting to the low-mid 50’s with decent wind.

I love it.

Of course today we’ll get back to 65, tomorrow 74, and this weekend we’ll see the 80s again. So I love it while I have it.

But what I forget that I hate about the dry cold is the static electricity. I hate the surprise on my finger tip as I close the door to my truck (I try to use my elbow now). I hate the cling of my trousers to my legs as I walk (yes, I said trousers). I hate getting my nose popped when I pull off a sweatshirt.

But I still like the cooler temps.

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  • Nose popped? Wha?!?

  • Mid 50s huh. I’ll send you a box of Kleenex.

  • rob

    @Karin : you’ve never pulled a sweater off and got a shock on your nose? Oh yeah, you grew up in Florida. Never mind.

    @Sheldon : No thanks. I think we’re pulling out of the cold now. We’re heading to 74 today.

    But I do have to say, my favorite time of the year to live in Central Florida is from Halloween to Easter.

  • Ya, I guess the Kleenex wouldn’t get there in time to catch the tears as they melt.

    Glad to hear Florida’s coming out of the icebox.

    Oh, gotta run, the dogs are barking. The nice thing about dog sleds is they have built in alarm systems.

  • rob

    If I could figure out how to be in CFLA from Halloween to Easter and then be in Vancouver Easter to halloween I’d be quite happy.

  • Me too. Wait a sec, when did those tornados hit?

  • rob

    Yeah, about Christmas time and around two weeks ago.

    Sigh. If the weather don’t get you in CFLA, the gators or mosquitoes will.