unconfirmed rumor

I got a breaking news email today that the first sentence had me laughing:

What used to be an unconfirmed rumor is now a confirmed one.

So it’s officially gone from a rumor that we don’t know is true to a rumor that we know is actually a rumor.

Makes me wonder what the stages of news are. Does it go:

unconfirmed rumor – confirmed rumor – anonymous source – breaking news – confirmed statement – history

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  • Jim

    I think it’s hilarious. It just shows how we as a society have lost the ability to distinguish fact from fiction. Isn’t “unconfirmed” rumor, redundant? That’s what a rumor is; unconfirmed information?

    Unless of course, an “unconfirmed rumor” is information that might be a rumor, but we haven’t confirmed that yet. In which case, a “confirmed rumor” is a story that is definitely “unconfirmed.”