I hate doing our taxes. I even have the simple TurboTax to help me. Still hate it.

Every year I say this and I’ll say it again: I think EVERY tax document must be mailed in a special sized and colored envelope only reserved for tax purposes. Whether it’s an income statement or a deduction statement is irrelevant. Just standardize it so that we can recognize better when the important stuff comes in!

I thought I was done, but realized I need just a couple more numbers from one document that is missing. Now the hunt is on to see if I can find it…and when I find it I’ll input those numbers and probably find out it didn’t change a thing.

At least it’s looking like this year we’ll get a refund which is good. Last year we had to pay a couple hundred. That hurt.

What would YOU think…

…if I told YOU what I think
…if I exposed my heart to YOU
…if I told YOU the truth
…if I let YOU in
…if I told YOU my weaknesses
…if I were real with YOU
…if I trusted YOU fully

Would YOU be like THEM?
Would YOU be different?