Orlando in National Geographic Magazine

Downtown OrlandoCool. A friend told me today that Orlando has been written up in National Geographic Magazine. That’s heavy duty. Now we’re really on the map! LOL!

There’s an entire feature on Orlando including photos and other stuff.

One of the funniest parts though is this snippet:

Orlando is a quirky town. Its ritziest shopping center is called the Mall at Millenia. Here on the moving edge of post-literate America, nine-year-olds can spell Gucci and PlayStation, but no one seems to care that the correct spelling is Millennia. People do point out that the mass-produced new “communities” are often named after what was destroyed in order to create them. At “Osprey Ridge,” there’s nary a bump, let alone a ridge, and of course no ospreys. Florida has zillions of used car lots, but outside Orlando there’s a used heavy equipment lot: cranes, bulldozers, cement trucks, all priced to sell now! While driving around, I passed a place offering “NEW USED TIRES.”

He nailed it.

But he did forget that you can get Certified Previously Owned Cars for those New Used Tires. Which of course just means they can prove that someone owned the car before you…and though the tires are new to you, they aren’t to someone else!

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