iTunes and Coffee

Free wifiThere are some days that if I go in the office, I only get done the stuff that’s on other people’s list. You know what I mean? Pulled into meetings, discussions, etc. It’s all good, but there’s a tension that goes with that: I don’t get to check off MY list of things to do!

So to break the monotony, I sometimes work out of the office. One of my favorite places to go is to a local and newish coffee shop called Around the Corner Cafe.

I like it for a couple of reasons: decent coffee, calm atmosphere, and free wi-fi (the photo is from inside the shop). So yesterday I spent the afternoon there with my laptop and iTunes.

One of the fun things about iTunes is you can share your music with others. When I turned mine on, I saw a library of tunes called “My songs are better than your songs”. Ha! And I knew it was the barista (or is it a baristo for a guy?) since he was the only one there and had his laptop open and headphones on!

So I went to get a refill and I asked him, “So, you think your songs are better than mine?”

He looked back at me with a slightly confused, partially shocked, and and sheepish ‘what the…’ look on his face. After he struggled with that question a few more seconds I told him I saw his library on my iTunes (which I usually just shorten to “myTunes”). It was all clear to him now. So he checked out my library. “Andy Griffith? You have Andy Griffith?!?”

“Yup. Enjoy,” I told him.

Moments later I hear laughter and a voice coming from behind the counter, “Oh man, that was funny hearing a song about Barny Fife!”

Now that is an environment for productivity!

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