PSA: Don’t Microwave Water

Maybe you know about the true but rare case of exploding water heated in the microwave.

But that’s the least of your worries for microwaved H2O. Especially if you’re a plant.

So don’t reheat your coffee. Don’t boil water in the microwave for tea. And for heaven’s sakes if you slip up and happen to microwave water, don’t give it to your plants.

Give it to the cat.

Thanks to the mysterious “Shawn“.

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  • I’m fairly certain that science project has been refuted by more rigorous application of scientific standards.

    Snopes agrees.

  • rob

    Well shoot. Never mind. I believed it because it was on the internets.

  • Shawn

    From the mysterious Shawn. Hah! Now I remember when I saw this. I was on snopes looking for something months ago and ran across the microwaved water plants. Then when I read your microwaved coffee disagreement, I googled “microwave+water+plants” because I could not remember. I should have know! I really wish it were true. I just redid my google search and the second result is from snopes. Too fast with the clicker.

  • rob

    @shawn : you should have pressed the “I’m feeling unlucky” button instead.

  • Actually, the risk of this can be virtually eliminated by placing a wooden object (think stirrer, popsicle stick, or spoon) in the liquid because it provides a place for the bubbles to form.