The story we wrote

I’ve started a new project and I invite you to join it.

Ever participated in one of those things where one person starts a story and then someone else writes the next part and so on?

We’re doing that blog style at The story we wrote.

This site is to serve one purpose only: write a collective story. I started the story. You continue the story in the comments. That’s it. That’s how it works. But here’s a couple of rules: 1. Keep your content to “PG-13” standards. 2. You may use images, but no more than 250px wide. You must find your own host for the image and you must attribute the image at least by a link. That’s about it. Let’s write a story.

The story has started so will you write the next part?

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  • That’s a cool idea. I’ll have to think on it and add to the story sometime. Hey, did you know you have a few grammatical errors in your story? I think it should be “though they had moments that (weren’t rather than wasn’t) all that happy.” And “was (a) different story”. Didn’t know if you would want to know and change them, so I went on ahead and suggested it.
    Looking forward to seeing how the story goes.

  • rob

    Thanks. I fixed it. Now write a paragraph! 😉

  • A paragraph! You want a whole paragraph?

  • rob

    Well, it is a story. It does seem that’s been too ambitious. Just participate!