PSA: Clocks forward early tonight

squash the sunFor some dumb reason we still celebrate Daylight Savings Time here in the US. This year we’re celebrating early. We “spring forward” our clocks tonight — about 3 weeks earlier than most years.

This is causing all sorts of problems with computers and their calendars. Not since Y2K has everything been all nutty with computer clocks.

So, let me try and help you out.

If you have a PC, Microsoft has help.

If you have a Mac, Apple has help.

If you have a Palm, Palm has help.

If you have a BlackBerry, BlackBerry has help.

Best advice: if you schedule appointments the rest of this month, be sure to put in the note of the appointment what time it’s really supposed to be!

Enjoy the new time. Fiesta!

Why does Huey Lewis and the News’ Chicago’s song Does Anyone Know What Time It Is keep going through my head? And am I the only one that confuses Huey Lewis and Peter Cetera?


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