I’ve never suffered from a migraine before.

Until a couple weeks ago.

And today.

There is tremendous pressure behind my eyeballs and I feel nauseous.

I’ve been in bed almost all day with ice and a cool rag on my eyes.

Is there such a thing as stressed-induced migraine?

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  • So sorry about your migraine experience! Not fun. To answer your question…from what I have heard stress is a factor in migraines. But it’s because it has something to do with the changes in blood vessels and seratonin levels and hormones and such. I found this website just now which I thought was pretty interesting. http://www.mgwater.com/prev1801.shtml Not sure what is behind the website but I saw most of the information in other sites that came up on google too. Anyways, hope it gets better. If it is magnesium…my Dr. told me the best way to get it in your body is through baths with Epsom Salt. I have been doing it some myself.

  • My sympathies go out to you, Rob! Are you feeling better yet? I used to get them frequently after having my first child. Mine weren’t stress-related, but were and are hormonally related. Anyway, I had to get on a prescription med called “Imitrex” which did work whenever I had a bad one. Nowdays, they have newer ones like “RelPak”. I am able to control mine if I take Excedrin as soon as I feel one coming on. I don’t know if it’s the caffeine in Excedrin that helps me or what, but if I don’t take it, then it will always escalate to a full-blown migraine. I “feel your pain”.

  • Fun aren’t they?

    Are you getting the aura spots as well, where you can’t read or really do anything? Those are my favorite.

  • rob

    Thanks everyone. I’m feeling much better today. Man, that thing lasted over 24 hours! Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it could have been I guess. No seeing spots or anything. Just light sensitivity, eyeball pressure, and headache.

  • Glad you’re better.

  • Migraines suck. My husband and I both get them, and have passed them on to our daughters 🙁

    For me, nothing beats some caffiene (which I usualy avoid) and a dark quiet room.

  • Pam

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’ve never had a migraine and I hope I never get one. Hope this is your last.

  • Claire

    Did you see the rainbows? Of all the aura, the rainbows are my favorite. Much prettier than the “heat shimmer effect” or floating dots. Of course, if the migraine progresses far enough to see the rainbows, you know you’re in for a bad one.

  • hey robbie, glad you’re feeling better. i’ve had similar pounding feelings behind the eye recently, too. but we’ve been through a lot of stress at home and i think that’s the cause.

    i usually just take deep deep breaths to try and help temporarily. i was also given this wafer like pill by my doctor once called maxalt that almost instantly went to work. it was like $10 a pill or something, but hey when you’re head hurts you’ll do anything right?