What would YOU think…

…if I told YOU what I think
…if I exposed my heart to YOU
…if I told YOU the truth
…if I let YOU in
…if I told YOU my weaknesses
…if I were real with YOU
…if I trusted YOU fully

Would YOU be like THEM?
Would YOU be different?


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  • I’d be happy for you to be real.

  • Great, Rob! I think it would be great! And I also think that it doesn’t matter what I think! In the sense that, I struggle with how I very much live as a real and transperant person, yet so struggle with what people think of me. I would encourage you to be real, vulnerable and transparent because that is YOU! YOU are a child of God! And He made YOU just as YOU are!
    I very much appreciated Mark’s sermon yesterday about being radical! Not worrying about being dignified! I so wish I could live that way!

  • rob

    actually i was writing to god, but thanks for the encouragement

  • well, I did wonder what the end part was where you said YOUrGOD. It does make sense that you would have been speaking to God. Seeing it in this form is really enlightening as well. In that, we do so often compare God to what we know to be true in humans. We put Him in that box and place those attributes on Him. Although, He is far more complex, greater and better than humans. And the hurts, pains, and places where humans fall short, God never does!!!