I hate doing our taxes. I even have the simple TurboTax to help me. Still hate it.

Every year I say this and I’ll say it again: I think EVERY tax document must be mailed in a special sized and colored envelope only reserved for tax purposes. Whether it’s an income statement or a deduction statement is irrelevant. Just standardize it so that we can recognize better when the important stuff comes in!

I thought I was done, but realized I need just a couple more numbers from one document that is missing. Now the hunt is on to see if I can find it…and when I find it I’ll input those numbers and probably find out it didn’t change a thing.

At least it’s looking like this year we’ll get a refund which is good. Last year we had to pay a couple hundred. That hurt.

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  • yea, it’s not fun. I always get so nervous wondering if I remembered to enter everything, and then if I did it correctly. I have a fear of them some day telling me (like 30 years later) that I actually owed something and since I didn’t pay it, I now owe $200,000 in back taxes!!

  • rob

    that is EXACTLY my fear. I’d rather just say, “you can keep the refund if you promise to leave me alone in the future!”

  • Claire

    Don’t your tax docs come in envelopes with “Tax Documents” on them in bright orange letters? Ours do…

    Maybe that’s the real reason Vancover was voted the third best city in the world to live in 🙂

  • rob

    no, not really. nothing standard anyway. so what are the top 2 best cities?

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