More than One Night in Bangkok

It’s gonna get a little quite around here for a few days or weeks. I’m going to go spend more than one night in Bangkok. I’m sure I’ll find that the world will be my oyster after just one night.

You can read more about why we’re going to Bangkok on another blog.

BTW, did you know that the song One Night in Bangkok by Murry Head was from a musical? It’s from the musical Chess written by a couple guys from ABBA. The musical is from the early 80’s and you’ve got the American chess champion vs. the Russian chess champion. And one night, wait for it, they meet in Bangkok! The song is the American champion shunning the temptations of a personified city. Check out the lyrics!

And of course today when I went into a store to do a last minute errand that song was playing.

I’ll post as I can and try and get some cool photos while I’m there to share too.

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