I haven’t had root beer in a long time.

Today, we had lunch at A&W Root Beer here in Bangkok.

Guess the Thai food has worn off already.

Oh, and happy Songkran (defined, photographed, and opined).

A local here at the hotel told me it’s culturally 2550 now.

Not sure how traditional a chicken sandwich, curly fries, and root beer are for Songkran, but that’s how we celebrated during lunch.

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  • Speaking of Thai food…guess all your talk about Thailand had me craving some Thai food Wednesday night. So, we went to our favorite restaurant here in town. However, there was a sing on the door saying they were closed for the Thai New Year from April 9-May 14!!! Can you believe that?! All I kept thinking was how I was possibly going to wait all that time!!!
    So, is what you are describing here, the same as what they must be celebrating at the restaurant?
    I noticed in the definition that a big part of the celebration is through throwing of water. Jason and I want to know if you all have gotten wet yet?

  • rob

    @Jill : Yes, I can believe that! If it’s an authentic Thai restaurant I’m not surprised they are closed. There are several shops and markets still open, but many around here are closed. And yes, there is A LOT of water throwing. If you’re outside, watch out. People with super-soaker water guns and even buckets of water will find you. Thankfully they never targeted me (they got our cab but the windows were up). They did get Patricia. She has some photos and plans to blog about it later.

  • rob

    Patricia did post about it with photos too.