Catching up on News

I feel like I’ve been out of the news loop with all this travel. So catching up on some of what I missed, seems this is pretty much what happened this week while I’ve been unplugged:

Did I miss anything?

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  • I’m commenting!!! :o)

  • Duke lacrosse is innocent but the former attorney isn’t …and what about the woman that falsely accused them??
    Don Imus is a doofus…I knew that!
    Alton Brown is a winner…I totally agree, love him!
    Tawinese zookeeper almost lost an arm to a Nile croc (graphic photos) …no deired to see the pix.
    Michael Scott influenced Wikipedia..I don’t use wikipedia.
    Most of you won’t comment…sometimes I am speechless (I know hard to believe isn’t it?!)

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!