states of unpluggedness

Computer PowerFor about two weeks I was pretty much off the internets. Actually, each week was different.

Week 1 – Was in Bangkok and I used the internets mostly to learn more about and stay updated on the Virginia Tech Massacre. I didn’t do a lot of gReading or eMailing or even podWatching. It was nice.

Week 2 – Was in Chiang Mai and I was completely unplugged. It was nice.

Week 3 – Am in Orlando and I’ve thought about staying unplugged a little longer. Maybe this week I’ll be semi-plugged in. I don’t feel like I’ve got much to say, but do have some photos and videos to show you. Perhaps I’ll get to them.

Week 4 – Will be in Greenville and who knows what kind of plugged in status I’ll have or want to have.

Random realization – in 2007 so far I’ve been in 4 continents and only 3 US states. Perhaps that’s why I feel a bit fatigued and willing to unplug.

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  • Understandable desire for unpluggedness!
    However, I have missed your pluggedness!