Hi, Atus!

There’s a friend of mine who is moving into my place for a while. Well, I can’t really call him a friend. I don’t know him that well. But he seems like a good guy.

His name is Atus (pronounced “AY-tus”).

We’ve been talking for a while about getting together. He’s been calling for weeks. Being a hospitable guy, I decided to invite him in to stay for a while.

I’m not sure how long he’ll stay.

So everyone say ‘hi’ to Atus for me: “Hi, Atus”!

PS. I added a hurricane update module to the sidebar so we can all keep track of sub-tropical storm Andrea and all her brothers and sisters this year.

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  • Let me just say that took me forever to figure out!
    So what is your hiatus from?

  • rob

    blog commenting.


    i mean blogging here.

  • well, that’s a bummer for me and other readers of yours, but I understand. I hope it is a good break for you.

  • Hope you find some rest as you and atus get to know each other;) Blessings!

  • Rob–Hurricane flags are doubled just as you show, but tropical storm flags are not.

    See the following Wikipedia page for an illustration:

  • rob

    @Jack : yeah, but the hurricane graphic is easier to keep displayed. I don’t have a dynamic graphic, only static.