Random Thoughts

The randomness begins. Here are several thoughts I’ve had while on a blog hiatus:

  • One man’s freedom is another man’s loneliness
  • Solutions and creativity strike at the strangest times. Always have with you a way to capture them
  • Driving a stick-shift in flat Florida is no big deal until I get stuck in traffic
  • Productive people use an RSS reader and Facebook — everyone else uses bookmarks and MySpace
  • The value of cussing is sometimes underrated
  • Joy can show up in many ways for different people. For me, one of the ways is good music loud
  • Consistency isn’t necessarily a good thing; but neither is inconsistency
  • It’s always great to read or hear another articulate my thoughts and feelings better than I could
  • Children are awesome when they are related to you
  • I’m more creative than I give myself credit or have ever let you know
  • To prune is cut fringe. To purge is remove from within. My blog readership will probably go through both due to the hiatus and randomness resuming
  • I can always tell how awesome someone thinks they are when they drive by
  • Of all the places I’ve been to I only long to go back to one: Vancouver
  • Hurricane season still scares the shite out of me
  • Politics are important but shows about it are boring
  • It is interesting to me that interesting can be pronounced two ways
  • Social networks like Facebook can be telling: it tracks how many friends online you have but highlights who you really connect with
  • Brainstorming is too important to skip
  • Those who calm the chaos are seldom rewarded
  • Creativity has a niche in society that is both too small and less employable
  • My favorite stories are freshly contextualized old ones
  • Stick with your gut if you think you are right. After all, somebody thought spelling Wednesday like that was a good idea
  • Sometimes the next step is more difficult than all the previous ones combined
  • The fear of judgment is the most powerfully crippling emotion. Acceptance is the most freeing
  • There is one thing we all must grasp — Technology will never stop improving so your world will never be like this again
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  • I think your fourth point may be bang on right…

  • so which way do you say it?
    Interesting or interesting?

  • rob

    @Jill : I say ‘interesting’.