The Circle of Life

InquisitiveI’ve noticed there seem to be a lot more bugs in our backyard lately.
I know because when we have the TV and music off at night, I can hear the bugs running into our sliding glass door.
It often sounds like rain.

lizard gridstickyI’ve also noticed lately that there hasn’t been as many lizards scurrying across the patio.

And not so many frogs that we used to have.

Maybe it’s all the TV shows I recorded to watch this weekend of animals hunting and eating other animals (mostly in Africa), but I’m thinking we need a few more lizards. Now I’m wondering if the neighborhood cats are working overtime hunting lizards.

snake in the grass
Or we’ve got a snake.

redshouldered hawkEither way, we need more hawks in the backyard. Then we’d have less cats and/or snakes and more lizards and more frogs and less bugs.

Or we need to fire our Orkin guy.

NOTE: No animals where hurt when I shot each of them in our own back yard over time. Well, of course that one bug gets it in the end, but that was kinda cool.

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