Dear LeMar, AJ, and ViciSu,

I was so happy when you came to visit us at our house in Orlando! I had fun at the pool, Downtown Disney, and drawing with chalk on our patio with you.

The drawings stayed there all week. Then it rained this weekend and erased all the drawings! It made me sad.

But now it’s clean again so you can come back to draw more! I can’t wait!

Uncle Rob

PS. I hope your mom or dad reads this to you since you’re too young to read blogs! Aunt Patricia misses and loves you too.

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  • Steve J

    You guys are awesome. The girls haven’t read this yet but will very soon. We all miss you and love you and were glad to have been able to come for the visit.


    p.s. sorry about the car wreck – hold out for a Lambourghini (sp??)