• I’m going to try calling you “Bob,” just for something different. And if you start getting whiny, just think how many variations of “Brent” I’ve had to live with, and be thankful.

  • rob

    Nah. Bob is my dad. But thanks for playing, Gent.

  • It wasn’t that long ago when I had to explain to Mom who “Rob” was when I’d talk to her and mention something about you. I think she’d get confused and think I was talking about her friend Rod! Anyway, she may call you Rob — but I think you’ll always be Robert in her mind!

    And yea — Dad did have a special way of saying people’s names — particularly the grandkids.

    Thanks for reminding me of a lot of good memories!

  • What about Bob?

  • Dad

    Bob is already taken. At least you weren’t called Bobby when you were growing up, like your old man was. I still get Bobby when talking with high school buddies. Yes, some of them are still able to talk!

  • I personally prefer Roberto!

  • rob

    @Jill : only in Puerto Rico