watching the atlantis shuttle …

watching the atlantis shuttle launch on tv instead of live which we wanted to do, but both of us don’t feel up to it

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  • We were at a house in Eastwood and saw it really clear from their back yard. It was really cool! The kids thought it was a blast! 🙂

  • rob

    ha ha! a blast!

  • You can see it from your driveway, no? Just because you would be 50 miles away doesn’t make it any less live. 😉 Well, I suppose the light rays DO take a few more milliseconds to get to Orlando, and the sound takes a good 30 seconds. Granted, being within 10 miles of it is better.

    I’ve always considered the shuttle launches I’ve watched from Orlando to be live. No one has ever called me from Missouri to tell me they saw the shuttle go up.

  • rob

    what i meant is that we didn’t drive out there. we’ve done that before and it was awesome. we don’t get a good view from our house because of the tall trees in the backyard blocking our view east.