I hate those kinds of pictures

no parking gate

When we were in Kenya, I started walking around Nakuru with some friends to find lunch. Afterwards I started taking shots of the culture, the buildings, anything I could see. To me, photography is about catching what my eye sees so that I can keep it and share it with others. Sometimes it’s art. Sometimes it’s a report. Sometimes there is beauty. Sometimes it’s a statement.

But every time it’s meant to show you what my eye saw.

That’s why it bugged me when I started to take this shot that someone with me said, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE guys…I hate those kinds of pictures.”

I find a lot in this photo. I see part of the Kenyan culture. I see great color contrasts. I see beauty. I see the human condition. I see what is and what it could be. But most of all, I see beauty not only in the physical structure, penmanship, and colors, but I see beauty in a people.

Yes. Maybe I am one of those guys. And I’m proud of it.

I’ve added a few more photos to the end of my Nakuru Jan 07 photoset on Flickr.

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  • Shawn

    I like this photo. You even have a contrast of old and new with the old in the forground and the new in the background. It also makes me think about seeing an old red barn and wonder what it looked like in it’s prime.

  • rob


  • Leah

    Hey Rob I am glad that you are one of those guys! I love the pictures you take, they are filled with beauty. I love the juxtapose of old and new, color and no color. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this beholder loves it. Keep it up!

  • You’re have an artist’s eye. People who don’t like your kind of photos don’t and will probably never appreciate the beauty in your photos.

    I like this one a lot.

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