I’m about to make some conservatives mad

I used to watch FOX news all the time. They are, after all, “Fair and Balanced”. After watching O’Reilly for a while, I realized that wasn’t the case. For that matter, I also don’t think any other channel is really doing it any better.

But I got tired of watching FOX and switched to the world leader CNN. Actually I don’t even watch any news channel much except for a local news channel mostly for the weather reports. If I need the news or need it fast, I usually go online first and find what I need either from Google News or CNN.

And today I read a report from ABC News (because someone linked to it in a blog I read) that claims that War Takes Up Less Time on Fox News:

The [Project for Excellence in Journalism] independent think tank’s report freshens a debate over whether ideology drives news agendas, and it comes at a delicate time for Fox. Top Democratic presidential candidates have refused to appear at debates sponsored by Fox. Liberals find attacking Fox is a way to fire up their base.

“It illustrates the danger of cheerleading for one particular point or another because they were obviously cheerleaders for the war,” said Jon Klein, CNN U.S. president. “When the war went badly they had to dial back coverage because it didn’t fit their preconceived story lines.”

Fox wouldn’t respond to repeated requests to make an executive available to talk about its war coverage.

Obviously Klein of CNN is baiting here and you may say I bit. But I guess what I’m saying is I didn’t need this article to already believe it. It’s another reason I turn to the internet to find out what’s going on. I hit a headline and then I’m off to get the story from multiple sources.

UPDATE: According to Chong (of Cheech and Chong), all of the major news outlets are influenced by the Republicans. This is funny on so many levels.

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  • Shawn

    Why did you write off Fox News not being “Fair and Balanced” just because O’Reilly? ABC has George Stephanopoulos and NBC has Tim Russert. CNN has never been known to be fair or balanced? I don’t watch any of them on a regular basis. I do not even get Fox News on my TV. However, when I look at the news reporting overall, not the shows centered on one or two people, I see Fox sticking more to the “We report, you decide” more than any of the other networks.

  • rob

    Sorry. I re-read this and didn’t mean to imply I “write off Fox News … just because O‚ÄôReilly”. I meant to communicate that he was a confirmation to me of what I already knew. And he seems to be the poster boy of FOX. And yes, they all have them and I don’t care for them much either. Russert I think does the best job of the ones you mentioned. I’ve just switched my go-to news channel from Fox to CNN.

  • Rob: I have become very frustrated with Hannity & Combs. They call their segments “debates” but they are hardly debates. Hannity is just about as shallow as Rush. & Fox News coverage of the days following Hurricane Katrina didn’t hold a candle to CNN. I actually watch CNN more than Fox because of these factors.


  • I also prefer CNN. Like Rob (and many others) I don’t watch TV news very much — but when I do it’s usually in the mornings. I’ve found CNN’s “American Morning” to be much more informative then Fox’s morning news. In fact, I find that Fox’s morning news anchors are usually more interested in entertaining than giving the news — and can be very silly sometimes.

    Of course, both seem to be more interested in Paris Hilton than in Iraq!

  • You should read BBC News. When they report on things American (they do all the time), it’s from an entirely different perspective. They’re socialists, for sure, but we already know what Americans think. Adding a perspective from outside your own is valuable.

    But the best American news analysis of all comes from Stratfor. If you really want to know what is going on in the world, read their weekly emails. They are dead-on accurate and free from internal American political bias.

  • rob

    @Jerry : I confess I haven’t read much from the BBC but the other day we happened to be watching BBC America reporting on the Scooter Libby sentence. That was actually the most blatantly biased report I’ve ever seen. It was way too obvious how the reporter felt about it all instead of just saying what happened.