My Dream Job

This dude has got the coolest job in the world. Not only is a wildlife film documenter in Zimbabwe following wild animals, but he blogs about it daily. This is what it’s all about:

You can think of Wildcast as a new interactive channel broadcast to you over the internet, directly from the wilds of Africa, where award-winning filmmaker, Kim Wolhuter is creating his latest masterpiece.

By subscribing to this channel and becoming part of the Wildcast community, all for free of course, you can be a part of Kim’s exciting daily adventures as he follows and films the animals, birds and magnificent landscapes that make up the cast and backdrop of his next motion picture.

We’ll be tapping into the cool technology and tools that make Web 2.0 so great, to let you experience the sights and sounds (and maybe even smells) of the stunning African bush and be part of the creative process of making a wildlife epic.

Besides the daily videos, photos, and commentaries, he is also tracking and following a leopard named Tjololo which makes for a pretty fun ride.

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