wuzzle means to mix

Does this phrase strike a memory in you?

“A baloo is a bear, to wuzzle means to mix, a yonker is a young man”

If it does, you probably had the majority of your schooling in the US during the 80s. It came from the standardized tests we took every year. It was part of a memory test and this was always the example they’d use. I still remember it.

So speaking of wuzzle (not those wuzzles, though it does make sense, no?), ever wondered what you’d call the offspring of a zebra and a donkey?

You get a zeedonk. Or you can call it a zebrass, zebronkey, zonkey, zebadonk, zenkey, zebrinny, or deebra.

These are not to be confused with a zony or a zorse, and of course would never be confused with a beefalo or a yackalo for they smell quite differently and have horns.

The most popular wuzzled animal you’re probably familiar with is the mule. But there’s all kinds of wuzzled up animals like ligers, tigons, and grolar bears (oh my!).

Oh, and a wolphin is not a wolf and a dolphin. It’s a false killer whale and a dolphin for goodness sake.

UPDATE: Whoa! Today I actually saw a Panda Dog! Sorta.

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  • John

    …skultch is junk, alete means to have wings, and so on and so on… 🙂 i wish i could see that WHOLE list again, the three you mentioned please these two are the ones that have stuck with me ever since those tests!!!!

  • Jack

    How about:
    An ort is a piece of food…

  • chris

    HAHAHA i was looking up words to prove to my gf that I remember stuff really well and when I looked up wuzzle to prove to her this website came up..funny stuff BROTHA

  • Jack

    A blucher is a shoe. Remember, a blucher is a shoe.

  • DoleWhite

    God bless the internet. I Googled “A baloo is a bear…” to see if anyone else had that burned in to their memory. I’m 36, and hadn’t thought of this since like 8th grade. Then my kids were watching “Jungle Book” and Baloo the bear came on. It all flooded back at that point. Makes me wonder if there were any other motives to these standardized tests!

  • sculch is junk…..remember….sculch is junk!!

  • rory

    …at tepoi is a 3 legged table….like all of you on here…bringing back memories….on some website, someone wrote a story using all those words.
    and remember, when you see the STOP – put down your pencil – and do not go on…

  • Yonker

    What was a truckle?