Spoiled on Starbucks

Protecting your hands for 35 yearsI realized something today that I never thought I’d admit to.

It’s taken me many years to admit this and I know I’ve been in denial for about a year or two. But you see, I just like the coffee at Starbucks better. Mostly because it’s reliable. Verona, Estima, Sumatran. It’s all good.

Now I don’t get the $3.42 frappamochaicechinos. I just get regular coffee. Straight up. Black, no room for cream.

But today it really hit me. I was in a restaurant for lunch and while looking at the drink menu I saw they had coffee for 99 cents. I decided to pass on it because I’d rather pay $1.72 for coffee at Starbucks later. I chose to pay more because I knew it’d taste much better.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. But that was the moment it hit me.

I’m spoiled on Starbucks.

So, you wanna be an enabler?

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  • When it comes to coffee, people just like what they like. It doesn’t make any sense – especially to me, since I don’t drink coffee at all. But I know a buddy of mine who will only get coffee at Dunkin Donuts. He never drinks it at home or anywhere else. Weird.

  • rob

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll drink just about any coffee. But I finally realized not only do I like Starbucks best, I’ll hold out for it if possible. I used to think gas station coffee was fine. I’d almost rather have water instead now.

  • Lera

    What happened to Barnies? Thought that was your favorite…had Starbucks decaf every morning at the beach and it was yummy! I do like the $3 mochas though…
    I am a sissy girl!

  • rob

    Barnie’s just isn’t as good. Either they got worse, Starbucks got better, or my taste changed for the stronger.

  • Yes, I’ll be one of your Starbucks enablers!!! I couldn’t agree more…Starbucks coffee is just somehow worth paying more money for! I am completely addicted to it (I like their mochas) and go there at least 4 times a week, sometimes more! Just the other day, I decided to try something different there since it was so hot outside. I tried their new summer flavored Orange Creme’ Frappucino and it was yummy!!! There’s no coffee in it at all, but it was a great summertime treat…tastes just like an orange creamsicle…very refreshing when it’s hot outside!! I’ve never bought any of their more exotic flavors or take-home bags of coffee, but I just love the experience of sitting inside Starbucks, taking a few moments to sit in one of their big comfy chairs and reading the newspaper or playing Soduko while sipping a delicious grande or venti mocha! When are they going to invent a frequent-user bonus card or something where we get some free coffee after purchasing 12 cups?…LOL

  • Your taste changed and before you didn’t want to support the mega-chain coffee stores.