My Merritt Island Safari

wildlife x-ingFriday I went out to Merritt Island, Florida and found the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge at the Canaveral National Seashore. From there I was able to watch the Atlas V Rocket launch which was cool.

But while I was there I just drove around on the paths and watched for crawly, swimmy, slithery and flyie things. Mostly I saw things that fly and things that swim. Many of them I got some nice photos of. I have a slideshow on Flickr of my Merritt Island photos.

The best story of the day doesn’t include a photo. On my way home I was driving and off to the right was a small, two-lane road running parallel to my road. I glanced and saw a young gator walking across that road! I glanced in my rear-view mirror to make sure no one was behind me and then pulled over quickly. The gator stopped in his tracks and stared at me across the ravine between us. I got my camera but it wasn’t a good shot. So I took off straight and turned onto “his street”. When I did, he turned and ran fast back into the swampy reeds.

It was good to get away and observe the land, water, and animals God created…and to marvel at the accomplishments of man putting satellites into orbit inside a rocket.

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  • Those are great pictures! Glad you had a nice time! That sounds really fun to do sometime, I have never been out there. Plus seeing the Rocket would be an added bonus!