My Aunt the Sculpturer

sally.pngMy Uncle Blog has a wife, Sally. I remember their wedding so I can speak authoritatively on the accuracy of that claim.

Sally has been playing with mud for years now — and she’s really good at making something out of nothing. My family can attest that her pottery has gone from heavy, utilitarian pottery to now professional-grade art.

Aunt Sally’s local paper in South Carolina decided that they should write about her potting skills also.

She started in pottery by taking piano lessons. 15 years later she was teaching classes of 50 people per semester! You’ll have to read the story to figure that one out!

Her advice is somewhat of a metaphor for success in any field:

The hardest part of teaching is getting students to slow down because they must master the basics first. Hayes said an open imagination is a plus because “anything you can imagine, you can make in clay.”

Mastering pottery is a repetitive process that includes plenty of practice. She said she tells new students they will at least have an ice cream bowl to show for their first semester.

“They laugh and usually call it a doggy bowl, because that’s what it’s usually used for,” she said. “Some people catch on right away, and for others it takes six months before they are really pleased with their work.”

Aunt Sally, one day I want to get over there and photograph your studio. I guess I’ll stick around and hear Uncle Bill preach too if I have to.

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  • I guess I’ll let you — if I have to! 🙂

    Seriously — thanks for the post. This blog gets a lot more “hits” than mine does!

  • Oh — and is a sculpturer the same thing as a sculptor? Just wondering. 🙂

  • rob

    Yeah, in my world it’s the same.

  • OK. Just wondering.

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  • Dad

    What’s your Uncle’s name?

  • Aunt Sally’s pottery is awesome.