ViciSue is Two

ViciSue is Two

Our youngest niece, Victoria Susan, turns two today. I call her “ViciSue” mostly because I gave her older sisters nicknames and this one for her is just too easy.

I love this photo. It’s not the best quality photo, but it’s the story behind it that explains it.

The family came to visit us about a month ago and we all went to Downtown Disney. She was a riot! Totally full of energy the moment we got there — running, playing, just having a great kid-time.

We first went to the Lego area where they have a little playground. Victoria and her oldest sister, Lera Martha, went straight for the slide. I walked over about 15 yards in front and over to the right of the slide to watch. I got down on one knee to take shots of the two of them playing.

After the third or fourth slide, Victoria landed and looked straight at me. She didn’t know I was there so when she saw me, she got the biggest smile and started running for me. When she got to me she gave me the biggest bear hug that any almost-two-year-old can give. No words. Just joy and love to see me.

This is the photo I snapped as she ran to me from the slide to me. It’s not cropped great. It’s not focused well. But I know the story, and now so do you. And this photo is now one of my favorites.

Happy Birthday, Victoria (ViciSue)!

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  • She’s a cutie.

  • Linda


  • What a great shot — and a great kid — and a great story!

  • Just like they say, “A picture’s worth a thousand words!” What a cute niece and a wonderful photo I know you’ll treasure forever!