I don’t listen to Jakob Nielsen anymore

1. His site is ugly.
2. He hates blogs.
3. He doesn’t even understand what a blog is.
4. He insults bloggers.

In his latest article called Write Articles, Not Blog Postings his summary statement is:

To demonstrate world-class expertise, avoid quickly written, shallow postings. Instead, invest your time in thorough, value-added content that attracts paying customers.

He goes on to say:

I recently served as a “consultant’s consultant,” advising a world leader in his field on what to do about his website. In particular, this expert asked me whether he should start a weblog. I said no.

You probably already know my own Internet strategy, so it might not surprise you that I recommended that he should instead invest his time in writing thorough articles that he published on a regular schedule. Given limited time, this means not spending the effort to post numerous short comments on ongoing blogosphere discussions.

A blog is a tool to be used for either short posts or long articles on any time interval. Jakob assumes too much, and doesn’t want to hear from us…or thinks that if you want to have a website, you shouldn’t allow comments either.

But the power of the internet allows me to now unsubscribe from his Alertbox. And no, I’m not deciding this based on one article. I’ve been finding his advice less relevant to me. Let freedom ring!

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  • Hehe.

    I wonder if Jakob can find a room big enough to sleep in these days.