• Your hands need our hands.

  • Do you feel no one understands your psychotic tendencies? Try our handsoap!

  • Sometimes you need a hand…..getting clean!

    I wanna hold your hand…..soap!

  • This is just creepy.

  • I am with your wife.


  • Hand me the soap.

  • Patricia’s comment makes me want to parody the Addams family theme song for the marketing of this product, but I haven’t had a chance to work the lyrics.

  • OK, after looking at the web site for the soap:

    Bag it and tag it, boys, this is what we need to really clean up!

  • Very unique!

  • P.S.- “Gives new meaning to a hands-on experience!”…

    “Hand me the soap please”…

    “Here’s a helping hand”…

    “This soap’s a sure winner, hands down! Or up!”

  • P.S.S.- “Can you lend me a hand?”

  • Lera Jackson

    Raise your hand …if your sure!

  • Lera, shouldn’t that be “raise our hand….to be clean”?